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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Here are some new spins coming tonight on Awfully Awesome Eighties, which will make you turn it up to 11(or perhaps down to -11 - that's a risk I'm willing to take)! At the very least, you should be saying "MTV, what in the heck happened to you?"

1. Howard Jones - The Prisoner - '89
2. Landscape - Norman Bates - '81(A little something for Halloween)
3. Honeymoon Suite - Love Changes Everything - '88
4. The Outfield - All The Love In The World - '86
5. Vivabeat - The House Is Burning(But There's No One Home) - '82
6. The Escape Club - Shake For The Sheik - '88
7. Toto - Pamela - '88
8. Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight - '81 - The single edit
9. Britny Fox - Long Way To Love - '88
10. The Producers - She Sheila - '82
11. Arcangel - Tragedy - '83
12. Romeo Void - A Girl In Trouble(Is A Temporary Thing) - '84

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Saturday, October 24, 2015


More new adds coming tonight on Awfully Awesome Eighties!

1. The Vapors - Waiting For The Weekend - '80
2. Art In America - Art In America - '83
3. Pointer Sisters - Dare Me - '85
4. 707 - I Could Be Good For You - '80
5. The Members - Working Girl - '82(Yes, it's the version you heard on MTV way back when)
6. The Kinks - Come Dancing - '83(Requested)
7. Little America - Where Were You - '89
8. World Party - Ship Of Fools(Save Me From Tomorrow) - '87
9. Wa Wa Nee - Sugar Free - '87
10. Device - Hanging On A Heart Attack - '86
11. Aussie Band - Somebody Wants You - '80 - One of the great lost singles of the 80's! This duo featured a former long-time manager of Fleetwood Mac; John McVie also guested on bass. The song sounds like what you might get if you put America, Lindsey Buckingham, and an acoustic-oriented Billy Squier into a studio together.

Contact us, make requests through our request form or live chat feature, and tune in at

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/22 NEW ADDS

Remember the days when MTV would play videos from unsigned bands? Or how about when MTV would play a video showing a video arcade game getting pushed off of a cliff, but if a band included arcade game sounds in its video without the proper clearance, then they would be yanked off of their playlist after only 1 or 2 airings? This next batch of new adds from Awfully Awesome Eighties has some reminders of those days!

1. FX - Stimulation - '81
2. Heart - Allies - '83
3. Bootcamp - Hold On To The Night - '81
4. Rick Springfield - State Of The Heart - '85
5. Sheena Easton - Almost Over You - '83
6. Sherbs - I Have The Skill - '81
7. Heyoka - Video Madness - '82
8. Rupert Holmes - Answering Machine - '80
9. Nicolette Larson - I Only Want To Be With You - '82
10. Swing Out Sister - Twilight World - '87
11. Gary Myrick And The Figures - Living In A Movie - '81

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Here is the first batch of new adds for today on Awfully Awesome Eighties:

1. The Church - Reptile - '88
2. Santers - Can't Shake You - '84
3. Bourgeois Tagg - I Don't Mind At All - '87
4. Asia - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes - '83
5. The Fixx - The Sign Of Fire - '83
6. Johnny Average Band - Ch Ch Cherie - '81 - new wave with a rock edge - one of my all-time faves!
7. Supertramp - It's Raining Again - '82(requested)
8. The Cure - Boys Don't Cry - '86 - Yes, '86 - it's the version with the re-recorded vocals that was only available on a 45 and in the music video.
9. The Toll - Jonathan Toledo - '88 - An Ohio band that can be spoken in the same breath as Metallica and Michael Jackson - Why? Because they each had a very lengthy music video!
10. Zebra - Can't Live Without - '86 - MTV mistakenly titled this as "Can't Live Without You"

More totally righteous tunage will be coming tonight! Visit our webpage at to tune in; the page will also have image links for free downloadable Android and Blackberry apps as well as our listing at

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Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19 NEW ADDS

Awfully Awesome Eighties is, as Ratt might have put it, back for more! As you will see from some of these newest adds, AAE likes to target those who knew their 80's music videos well:

1. Dog Police - Dog Police - '85
2. Prism - Don't Let Him Know - '82
3. Moev - Took Out The Lace - '86 - the single remix version
4. Spinal Tap - Hell Hole - '84
5. Robbie Nevil - Wot's It To Ya? - '87
6. Europe - Superstitious - '88
7. Chris Farren And Amy Holland - Learn To Love Again - '84
8. Jefferson Starship - No Way Out - '84
9. John Hall Band - Crazy(Keep On Falling) - '81
10. Taxxi - Cocktail Queen(Don't She Love To Rock And Roll) - '82
11. Kansas - Fight Fire With Fire - '83
12. One 2 Many - Downtown - '89
13. Three O'Clock - Her Head's Revolving - '85
14. Romantics - 21 And Over - '80
15. Saga - Only Time Will Tell - '87
16. Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - Fake Friends - '83

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There will be plenty more adds coming this week as well as our Nobex Radio apps being finalized. We do take requests through our webpage's song request form or live chat feature!

If you subscribe to Popdose, then look for some of my contributions to an "EhOR" series(profiles on somewhat known and obscure Canadian rock bands from the 70's to the early 90's) beginning next month!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


The vaults have been opened once again! Awfully Awesome Eighties presents for your listening pleasure(or torture - hey, it was a rather diverse decade) the following new adds:

1. The Knack - Baby Talks Dirty - '80
2. Europeans - The Animal Song - '83
3. Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue - '83
4. The Monkees - Heart And Soul - '87
5. Jona Lewie - Louise(We Get It Right) - '81
6. The Marshall Tucker Band - This Time I Believe - '81
7. Fast Forward - What's It Gonna Take - '84(with Ian Lloyd)
8. Eddie Jobson/Zinc - Turn It Over - '83
9. Le Roux - Nobody Said It Was Easy(Lookin' For The Lights) - '82
10. Pat Benatar - Sex As A Weapon - '85
11. Tane Cain - Holdin' On - '82

Visit us at, tune in, and make a request either through our live chat feature or our song request form.

Join our Facebook group at and let's talk about some future show ideas!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Here are some more new adds for Awfully Awesome Eighties today:

1. Nena - Let Me Be Your Pirate - '84
2. Blotto - Metal Head - '82
3. Rod Stewart - Baby Jane - '83
4. Rush - Time Stand Still - '87
5. Tiffany - All This Time - '88
6. Tommy Shaw - Girls With Guns - '84
7. Ph.D - I Won't Let You Down - '81
8. Linda Ronstadt - Hurt So Bad - '80
9. Prince - Controversy - '81
10. Minor Detail - Canvas Of Life - '83
11. Go-Go's - Turn To You - '84
12. The Alarm - Spirit Of '76 - '85

Tune into us using your Sony Walkman...sorry, had a flashback...rather, a mobile device or your desktop by going to You can also join our friendly, 80's loving group by going to


Here is the first batch of new adds for today on Awfully Awesome Eighties, a 24/7 internet radio station that strives to play all of the hits and misses from the decade of excess and that tests your memory bank if you were once a dedicated classic MTV fan:

1. Martin Briley - The Salt In My Tears - '83
2. John Hunter - Tragedy - '84
3. Blue Rose - Don't You Know(Ambushed) - '83
4. The Pursuit Of Happiness - Hard To Laugh - '88
5. Chicago - Hard Habit To Break - '84
6. Souvenir - Framed - '83
7. Giuffria - Call To The Heart - '84
8. The Kinks - Don't Forget To Dance - '83
9. Joan Armatrading - (I Love It When You) Call Me Names - '83
10. Wrabit - Don't Lose That Feeling - '82
11. Baxter Robertson - Silver Strand(People In Motion) - '83
12. Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not - '82

Join our Facebook group at, where today we're talking about 80's MTV videos that had video arcade games in them. You can tune into the station at More new adds will be coming later on today! Too much is never enough, never enough, it's never enough...

Monday, October 12, 2015


Awfully Awesome Eighties is now on the air! If you're looking for a station that will play all of the hits and misses from the decade of excess, then feel free to bookmark AAE's webpage and follow us as we attempt to build a definitive guide to the 80's! MTV may never return to the way they used to be(free-form, 24/7 music video format), but with AAE, you can at least hear the songs again, no matter how classic or obscure they may have been!

I know I will have critics right away who will say "Oh, you've just started out with it" or "You don't have enough to offer." As Patty Smyth once sang on her overlooked late 80's Columbia album: "Give it time, time, time, give it time..." Some of AAE's initial adds include Sneaker, Blanket Of Secrecy, Ali Thomson, Shoes, Tone Loc, Citizen, Steel Breeze, Henry Lee Summer, Charlie Dore, Joey Scarbury, Robin Lane & The Chartbusters, Missing Persons, Catholic Girls, Franke & The Knockouts, Dweezil Zappa, Glass Tiger, Night Ranger, The Cult, New Order, Benjamin Orr, etc.

Join our Facebook group at and help us shape up the playlist and get in on some wacky discussions about Tenpole Tudor, your favorite 80's soundtracks, etc. AAE's webpage is located at - you will see a "Play Now" button near the top that will initially give you media player choices after clicking it as well as the opportunity to get a mobile app. The stream is on, but they need to change the stream title; if you want the link, then just drop me a note and I'll provide it. 3 mobile apps should be available later on this week through my partnership with Nobex Radio.